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Jens LArsen
Jazz Guitarist/Composer - Guitarist in Træben - Jazz Video Lessons on YouTube


Ivan Deus
Russian Music Videoblogger

Oleg Sokolov
Guitarist in StereoQueen

Alexandr Delyanko
Bass in StereoQueen/Makenza bands

Seession guitarist

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I really love 3mm standard, I don’t have to care of the pick, even when I play a little bit fast it’s perfect for jazz. It sounds really smooth juste like my thumb. I really wanted to try this size, and I feel satisfied. The 2 mm standard or 2mm jazz seem to do the good job over blues and Chicken picking. I didn’t know to had à choice between 1.5 – 2-& 3 mm. Next tîme I’ll get more 2mm standard “not to pointed” juste the way I like. Thanks guys for your work, you really made what I needed. It’s great to get this quality.

Jerry Duguet / Guitarist|Composer / France

Just gotta say I still love your picks and I cant stop rocking them. I have a large collection of high end picks (Gravity, VPicks, Stohn Picks) and they can’t keep up with the tone and feel of my DAW picks. (instagram link: @jmercer )

James Mercer / Guitarist / USA

Thanks soooo much friends from @dawmanufacturing for this amazing gift !!! Soo happy. Awesome pick, perfect tone !! (instagram link: @tatopalmett)

Tato Palmett / Guitarist|Producer / USA

Just got my @dawmanufacturing Pro Jazz picks and they are a blast to play so far! I’m a 1.5-2.0mm guy but the 3mm one has been a nice change of pace. I’ll post some videos soon. Fast delivery and good customer service, too! Thanks again and keep up the great work! ((instagram link: @jc1zzl3)

J.C. Terrazas / Guitarist • NYC Instructor for G4VNYC Technical Versatility™ USA

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